Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Last Evening and Final Day; 1/18/13

Are we anxious to head home or what? Feelin' good in the second grade lounge on our last night in Milwaukee.

These people are great. Each of them has been in good spirits throughout the two weeks being on the road. They truly enjoyed each other's company, including each member of the class fully. I really enjoyed my time with them. I suspect that we'll see each other in the future. 

Today (Friday) we woke up anticipating our trip back home. Our train was scheduled to leave Milwaukee at 1:10 p.m. and before we caught it, we had several items on our agenda, beginning with breakfast at Miss Katie's Diner.
Miss Katie's for breakfast

This was our third time at Miss Katie's. Our first stop was our first Saturday in Milwaukee (actually when we took the picture above), when we found that the Diner opened at eight o'clock. Since we needed to get back to Saturday School at CTA, we walked over to the Broken Yolk, which turned out to be a great spot. We ate supper at Miss Katie's one night during our stay, enjoying the quintessential diner experience. Breakfast this morning was our third visit.

Miss Katie's is something of an institution in the community. Several pictures of President Clinton adorned the walls, recording multiple visits to the diner. In addition, we saw several pictures of Ms. Obama. Clearly, this is the place to be if one is into Democratic politics. Regardless of one's politics, however, Miss Katie offers awesome food.

After breakfast we joined our hosts from CTA in professional development. Each of us (the writer excluded - I had to take pictures, of course) led a brief lesson on the Pledge of Allegiance while practicing language intended to redirect a distracted and distracting student.

Which student around the table is the one challenging our intrepid teacher? Can you spot the difficult student?

"OK. Just look to my left. You'll see the difficult student."

"OK then. Let me think about how to start this."

"This is more challenging than I thought it would be."
"Let's see if I remember the Pledge."

Our work together was another good opportunity to learn new things and try new skills. Thanks to Ray, Krysta, and Constanzio, faculty of the Center for Urban Teaching, for their excellent leadership and facilitation.

At 11:15 a.m. we dashed off to gather our belongings from the Mission and to head to the train station.

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